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. Dire Illusion :: Ten tracks from the rockin' side of DJ Deweese's cerebral wilderness. Ragged guitars ride with electronica madness and tricked out beats in an intense, adventurous foray into a sometimes gritty, sometimes beautiful, but always captivating rock landscape. Includes an original spin on the Black Sabbath classic "Paranoid." .
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. Bring the Thunder :: The ten tracks on this album range from the quit, acoustic intimacy of "Season for Eveything" to the southern-rock throw-down of the title track "Bring the Thunder." Collecting songs from a period of intense production, this album represents forays by singer/songwriter Daniel Jason Deweese into adult contemporary territory with sometimes poignant, sometimes light-hearted tunes perfectly suited for relaxing afternoons and mellow morning grooves. .
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. The Red Room :: A contemporary acoustic rock vibe that is simultaneously intimate and expansive. The combination of carefully crafted song writing, ringing guitars, intricate percussion, and surprise guest musicians creates a unique sum always greater than the individual parts. With a vocal quality described as "a mix of Eddie Vedder and James Taylor," lead vocalist and band founder Daniel Jason Deweese delivers an inviting blend of intensity and sincerity on this album. .